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Become an ACE


ACE Carpet Cleaning is HIRING!        

We are one of Kent's most professional and experienced carpet cleaning services. We believe our people are the best in the business and we always have an eye out for dynamic individuals to become our latest carpet cleaning technicians.

If you are already a professional carpet cleaner or just love cleaning and like the idea of traveling around getting great cleaning results and making customers happy then this just may be the best job in the world!  

We know a good carpet cleaner is a natural problem solver with the technical knowledge, skills and experience to charge for their services.  Add excellent communication skills and a can do attitude and you have an ACE Carpet Cleaning professional. 


We need additional carpet cleaners to meet growing demand and we are always recruiting talented and dynamic individuals to become our latest member of the team.

1. Career Change       


The first is the person looking for a career change. It doesn't matter what their career to date has been so long as it shows solid professional performance and an ability to communicate effectively. The key thing is that they should be cleaning enthusiasts with a desire to turn their interest into a profession. By enthusiast, we mean someone who has taken cleaning beyond the level of the average to elite. We want people who have really challenged themselves. Someone who wants the best cleaning results every time and has the patience and keen eye for details to achieve the best results which has built our reputation.

2. Already Set-up    


The second category is someone who has already set up in business and who can demonstrate that they can undertake the full range of tasks that any home-owner might call upon them to perform. The reason they would want to join us is because they find the non-trade aspects of being a sole trader rather challenging or unappealing. That is, the marketing, the scheduling, credit control and administration. Those are the things that ACE Carpet Cleaning takes care of, leaving you to focus on trade performance.

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There are 2 categories of people we are looking for


 Here are the attributes we   are looking for:   

  • An excellent problem solver?

  • A person who remains calm, cool and in control under pressure?

  • A background in cleaning, ideally domestic & commercial.

  • Confident in your own abilities to work stuff out.

  • Take pride in doing everything you do to the highest standard.

  • A good communicator, who understands the importance of customer service.

  • Loves the idea of travelling around and meeting new people.

  • undertaking a wide range of jobs. 


This is what a ACE Carpet Cleaning offers:

  • We want the best so we pay the most. Our carpet cleaners earn up to £40K a year.

  • You get full operational support, job management and daily schedule management.

  • We find the customers & jobs, manage your schedule, deal with all the invoicing and credit control. So you can concentrate on doing a great job.

  • You retain the freedom of your own tax and equipment affairs through our Self-employment model.

  • All the benefits of working for yourself with the added support of being part of a team.

Got what it takes to become an ACE?

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