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Covid 19

What is an Antimicrobial Surface Treatment?

An antimicrobial surface treatment is a special coating that is applied to surfaces to prevent microorganisms from growing on them. Most commercial antimicrobials used to clean surfaces are very effective in the short term but don’t last long and need to be re-applied frequently.

The latest, high tech antimicrobial treatment that we use in our deep cleaning is

  • Proven to be effective against Covid-19 for up to 60 days

  • Effective against a whole host of other bacteria, fungi and viruses

  • Can be applied to any type of surface

  • Stops mould growth and associated damp smells

  • Is quick and easy to apply

  • Is currently the only antimicrobial treatment currently available in the UK

Surface preparation

To ensure the antimicrobial coating achieves a strong bond to the surface (porous, non porous, organic and inorganic surfaces are all suitable for coating), it is essential the surface to be treated is thoroughly cleaned; dirty, greasy or unstable surfaces (flaking paint etc.) can reduce the effectiveness and longevity of the coating.

How is the treatment applied?

The antimicrobial surface treatment can be applied in two ways:

1. Simple bottle spray application
  • For lower volume applications

  • Saturate a microfiber cloth with spray bottle application

  • Wipe onto the surface to be treated – do not wipe off

  • Leave to dry and fully cure

2. Spray/Fogging application
  • For higher volume applications, typically commercial premises, retail premises etc.

  • For application by cleaning professionals

  • Using a higher volume tank and electric sprayer or electrostatic sprayer

Maintaining the effectiveness of the coating

Once correctly applied, no additional cleaning activity is required i.e. a return to normal cleaning schedules at pre-pandemic levels is appropriate. However, it is important to note that you do not apply and walk away, regular maintenance cleaning is important to ensure the coating remains effective.

How long can protection last?

Applied and maintained correctly, it is proven to be active in eliminating harmful surface germs, bacteria and viruses for up to 60 days.

Safety aspects

  • The antimicrobial technology is non-volatile, insoluble and non-leaching and suitable for all surfaces.

  • The coating is non-toxic and dermatological testing has resulted in an “excellent” rating with respect to skin sensitivity.

ACE Carpet Cleaning provides special Covid-19 Deep Cleaning and Fogging services for businesses in London & Kent. To find out more about our antimicrobial surface cleaning or any of our other services, please contact us on 0208 249 7885 today.

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