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ACE Carpet Cleaning is a proud member of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), We are fully insured and offer over 25 years of extensive experience in professional deep cleaning of both carpet and upholstery.


We pride ourselves on not only the service we deliver but our constant attention to detail which is supported by our 5 Star Google and Trustpilot Customer reviews.

We can take on all types of jobs from small domestic work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices.




Contactless Payments Accepted

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What can you
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ACE Carpet Cleaning?


About Us

Friendly, Flexible, Efficient and Trustworthy - these are the words that describe our ACE Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services. 

All our Ace's are interviewed and have to complete a probation process. This means that you are getting a person who can not only solve all your carpet / upholstery cleaning requirements, but also has great communication skills, copes well under pressure and understands the value of customer relations.

Our Service is focused on delivering on every visit. We want you to feel 100% satisfied and in turn take pride in recommending us to your friends & family.

About Us

Our 10 Step Carpet Cleaning Specification

STEP 1: Inspection / Survey 

  • Soiling: Check depth of soil & signs of permanent staining.

  • Fixings: Poor fixings may increase risk of shrinkage

  • Seams: Poorly jointed seams may split during cleaning through water or heat.

  • Backings: Type of backing may influence the method of cleaning. Some backings are prone to shrinkage.

From this information we will decide on the system and method of cleaning to be employed

STEP 2: Fibre Test

  • Fibre identification will help to determine use of correct cleaning solution. It will also assist pre-judgement on whether stains are removable.

STEP 3: Dye Test

  • All colours must be chemically pH tested to ensure use of correct cleaning solution.

STEP 4: Comb Pile

  • Comb pile to separate and release matted pile for more effective dust extraction.

STEP 5: Vacuum

  • Power vacuum to extract dust grit and other dry soil to prevent turning dust into muddy residue.

STEP 6: Treat Stains

  • Stains should be treated prior to main cleaning operation to ensure that full depth of stain has been removed.

STEP 7: Spray Pre-Treatment

  • Use specially formulated Prochem carpet cleaning solutions to dissolve soiling. Agitate to depth of soil.

STEP 8: Deep Cleaning

  • Clean carpet overall using specialist Prochem system and method decided at inspection stage.

STEP 9: Hand Cleaning

  • Clean all edges, stairs and other inaccessible areas by hand, using appropriate methods.

STEP 10: Realign Pile

  • Pile must be correctly set while damp. ​​

  • Replace furniture ONLY when necessary and place on protector pads or foils.

  • ​Ensure adequate ventilation and/or introduce mechanical air mover.

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What our customers say about us...

Angela Hulm

Steve had collected used sofa bed for me, it was in a dreadful condition. Soiled and looking unstuffed I thought I'd made a real mistake. Steve and his brilliant cleaning machine not only improved the look of it but also brought it's stuffing back to life. I'd not thought that 5yr stain from fruit smoothie would come out of carpet but it did! Professional advice appreciated that lost colour won't be restored from bile bleached carpet, but area clean worked well. Excellent job! Thank you.


Office Address:

Cedar Lawn

76 Wickham Road




England, United Kingdom



Contactless Payments Accepted

Rated 5/5 based on Google reviews


Rated 5/5 based on Trustpilot reviews

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